Our Story

Cody Group, Inc., was founded in 1985, providing rail car freight management with moves originating in California and destinations in Utah and Arizona. As time passed Cody Group was able to acquire more and more rail cars from various manufacturers and we eventually expanded into transloading liquid petroleum products and manufacturing our own transloading equipment. Cody Group has transloaded at facilities in Utah, Nebraska and New Mexico.

Cody Group has a very diverse customer base shipping in all aspects of Petroleum liquids including Crude Oil, Used Oil and Refined Products. Our clients stretch from Coast to Coast and into parts of Canada.

Cody Group is the proud recipient of many awards, including the BNSF Product Stewardship Award in 2008 and 2013 and the KCS Safe Shipper Award 2013.

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Clayton Elbert Clayton
Marci Marci
2008 & 2013 BNSF Stewardship Award ★ 2013 KCS Safe Shipper Award